Religious Writing

Quite a few years ago I wrote a novel with the title Heaven and Earth,  which is about the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist, and the impact that John’s teachings had on Jesus’ message. The book never found a publisher.

Here are a couple of essays I wrote that relate to Heaven and Earth

Why I wrote Heaven and Earth: This describes why I wrote Heaven and Earth, but also describes some of what I learned from this in-depth analysis of the Bible.

The Central Question of Christianity: Why do Christians ignore many provisions of the Old Testament, but want to incorporate one or two?

Cherry Picking the Bible: Many conservatives selectively chose passages from scripture to support their beliefs, but conveniently ignore other passages. I analyze the issue further here.

Christ and Homosexuality: Conservative Christians always point to the “Bible” to justify their intolerance towards homosexuality. This stands in stark contrast to the way Jesus treated issues of sexual morality.

The Paradox of Christianity: Both science and modern liberalism are products of Christianity.

Christ and the Old Testament. Many Christians believe that Christ “fulfilled” the Old Testament, yet they cherry pick portions of the Old Testament to support their policies. This raises the question: how did Jesus approach the Old Testament?

Jesus for the Non-Religious: Why would someone who is not religious care about Jesus and Christianity? The reason is that Christianity is the foundation of “Western Civilization” including liberalism and modern science.