Welcome to my Website.

I am a writer and attorney.  If you inadvertently came across this website while trying to find my law firm website, well here’s a link to that: CoblenzLaw

I have been writing for quite a while now, nearly as long as I’ve been practicing law. A few years ago I wrote a book, “Heaven and Earth: A story of Jesus and John,” which tells a story of Jesus and John the Baptist. I discuss it, and a number of essays I wrote about religion, the Bible, and Christianity in a section called, for obvious reasons, Religious Writing.

I’ve also written a number of essays, book reviews, law review articles, and short stories. Most are in the General Writing section set out in the menu above.

I ran unsuccessfully for State Representative in Kentucky in 2010.  I wrote a bunch of stuff about politics for that campaign, and afterwords continued to do research to try to figure out what happened to American politics, why it was so nasty and divisive. I realized that a big part of the problem was our two-party system, and I realized that there were ways to fix that system. And so, like an idiot, I ran for U.S. Congress in 2016 and the basis of my campaign was that we needed to change the laws to get rid of the two-party system. I ran, in large part, as an effort to spread that idea, and not out of any real desire to win and go to Congress. My campaign website is still available online at: Coblenz For Congress. The economic writing is available in the menu above.

After those campaigns I did a bunch of research into politics and the American two-party system, and have written a manuscript with the working title “America Fractured: The Culture Wars and the Decline of American Politics.” I am currently submitting the manuscript to publishers,  so stay tuned. But in the mean time, much of the political writing I’ve done over the last few years touches on topics raised in the book. That writing can primarily be found in General Writing.

I also write a blog, which I am trying to embed on a separate page of this website, but until that happens it’s available at The Disappointed Optimist.